When All Else Fails…Car Chase!

Here we go, lots to get to this week! Kicking things off with a ton of movie and tv talk, including The Creator, Ahsoka and Wonka. You are going to have to listen for all of the details!

Moving on to Diecast, have you checked out friend of the show Diecast Media Network? This is where you have to go for all of the coolest in Diecast!

Blast from the past! Time Cop and The Arrival plus others that might or might not be worse or better. Except The West Wing, which is one of the best shows ever. Don’t @ us, you know we are right! Has anyone actually seen Space Sluts in the Slammer (#notapornfilm)? Comments are open!

Cool cars from the week include a new design by Chip Foose for a car carrier based on an ’81 big rig! Check it out on Instagram!. Both Fireball and I are huge fans of his work, and this will be super cool if it gets built. So fun!

Thought for the week; if you are stuck in a rut, get busy being creative! Something new, something fun, something different. It really doesn’t matter, just something creative!

Finishing off, of course Fireball has created the coolest coffee mug, featuring The Rockford Files! There are so many available now with so many more to come! Including the coolest mug for The Hollywood Car Show. Help support the show!

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